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The Melissa Garden

The Barefoot Beekeeper - natural beekeeping in top bar hives
"Not just a different beehive, but a whole new way of looking at beekeeping"


Bee Guardian - Taking initiative for the survival of the honeybee

Spikenard Farm
"Sustainable and biodynamic beekeeping"

enjoy these VIDEO's

The Weissenseifener Hängekorb opened after a swarm went in 9 days ago (6'15")

Taking a closer look in the Weissenseifener hängekorb (10'01")
In the top-bar-hive bees are building their honey-comb without the given structure of artificial combs. So with own made wax in stead of wax polluted with chemicals from all over the world

A top bar hive (TBH) opened (3'22")

Opening the straw-version of the Golden Hive (9'36")
This is just 1 of the 37 wonderful videos of Gaiabees

Bees can get rid of Varroa themselves. But it's our task to make or keep them vital (9'38")


“Bees” - Rudolf Steiner
"Wisdom of the Bees” - Erik Berrevoets
"The Buzz about Bees” - Prof. Dr. Juergen Tautz
“Toward saving the Honey Bee” - Guenther Hauk
"Bees and Honey: From Flower to Jar" - Michael Weiler
“The sacred Bee” - Hilda M. Ransome
“The Shamanic way of the Bees” - Simon Buxton
"The Worldhistory of Beekeeping and Honeyhunting" - Eva Crane
"The Archeology of Beekeeping - Eva Crane